COOKING chicken can be such a hit-or-miss situation – sometimes it comes out great and other times, it comes out rubbery and dry.
Well, a professional chef has revealed his secret to making sure it’s always super juicy and it has everything to do with the temperature.


A professional cook revealed how he makes super juicy chicken[/caption]


He makes it like he was cooking a steak[/caption]

The cook behind the social media account Stove Garden revealed his secrets in a viral video.

“Get your chicken to room temperature and hit it with a bunch of salt and pepper, then flip and repeat,” he began.

After making sure his chicken was seasoned, he pulled out a cast iron and added avocado oil before dropping the chicken in.

“Brown both sides and lower heat. Then add a few tablespoons of butter, a few cloves of garlic, and one sprig of rosemary,” he explained.

To finish, you’ll want to baste it until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Following his video, many people actually commented that it was like making a steak.

Previously, another chef revealed we’ve been poaching eggs all wrong.

The majority of us will poach our eggs in a pan of boiling water, but many will use fancy egg poaching cups and other methods to get the perfect egg.

And how long is the correct amount of cooking time for a runny egg?

Is it four minutes, five minutes, or six minutes? Who knows?! 

For those that struggle to get the perfect poached egg every single time, fear not.

Three London foodies have taken to TikTok to share their simple method for poaching eggs and it couldn’t be simpler.

Instead of using fancy tools or tricks, this clever hack will ensure your eggs are perfect and the best thing about it – it takes just 40 seconds.

The foodie fans shared their simple hack to their TikTok account ‘caughtsnackin’.

The foodie fans said: “Get some hot water, vinegar, crack the egg and dash it in the microwave.

“You know we’re basic but we’re so sick with this poached egg hack.” 

More specifically, you will need to put 250ml of boiling water, a tsp of vinegar, and a cracked egg into a mug.

You then put this in the microwave, on high, for just 40 seconds. 

And that’s it.


It must reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees[/caption]