Instagram users are still experiencing frustration when uploading a story.
Many users of the platform are being met with ‘no views’, despite having hundreds of active followers.

If you’re asking yourself ‘why does my Instagram story say no viewers?’, and you need a potential quick fix, keep reading.

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Why does my Instagram story say no viewers?

If you’re experiencing issues with your IG story, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Hundreds of users of the platform have been left feeling frustrated after being unable to see who has viewed their story.

Instagram are yet to comment on the issue, but it seems as though it’s just a technical glitch on the app.

People are (more than) likely still looking at your story but, unfortunately, you’re just unable to see.

Others worried that the ‘who’s viewed?’ feature might have been removed by Instagram, but there are no official reports made surrounding this. As mentioned, it’s likely just a technical error.

Reports of the issue have been flooding social media since Monday (January 3rd), though technical problems don’t tend to last more than a few days to a week. Hopefully, IG will have this under control soon.

In fact, it seems as though some users are already beginning to see their story viewers again.

One person tweeted: “They’re back!!”

Keep your eyes on Instagram’s official Twitter account for any updates.

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Potential quick fixes for IG story issue

Due to the glitch being a bigger technical problem with the app, things are pretty out of your hands. With that being said, you can test and try these potential quick fixes… just in case!

Make sure your Instagram app has had the latest update

It probably sounds obvious, but when your app isn’t updated regularly enough, things can run slow or not how they should.

Ensure that your IG app has been recently updated by going to your app store or settings (depending on your phone model) and checking ‘updates’.

Delete and reinstall the app/log in and out

If your Instagram app is updated, try deleting it and reinstalling it.

Likewise, you can log out of your IG account and then log back in to see if any changes have been made. Some users with multiple accounts are only experiencing the glitch on one of their accounts, and not the others.

Reach out to Instagram support

If the problem is ongoing for you, it might be a good idea to reach out to Instagram’s support team.

To report a technical issue, head to your IG profile and choose ‘Settings’.

Next, tap ‘Help’ and then ‘Report a Problem, before following the on-screen instructions.

Check out a step-by-step guide via Instagram’s help page here.

We hope that the issue is resolved soon!

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