You may see some familiar faces at your local bar, but one thing’s for sure. You won’t exactly be seeing the likes of Ben Affleck and Christopher Lloyd.
Amazon Prime Video has kicked off yet another exciting year for film fans and one of their latest efforts to have audiences talking is The Tender Bar.

Starring the two aforementioned actors – as well as Tye Sheridan, Lily Rabe, and more – this American coming-of-age drama was directed by the one and only George Clooney, who has previously helmed the likes of Suburbicon and The Ides of March.

It’s an adaptation of J.R. Moehringer’s 2005 memoir of the same name, which recounts the author’s formative years on Long Island.

The narration is certainly a nice touch, but who exactly is The Tender Bar narrator?

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Who is The Tender Bar narrator?

The Tender Bar is narrated by the actor Ron Livingston, who fulfills the role of an older J.R. Moehringer.

Reflecting upon the film, the youngest incarnation of the character is portrayed by Daniel Ranieri while Tye Sheridan takes over when he’s older. So, the role is tackled by three performers in total.

However, Ron is the only one that provides narration.

As for the importance of the narration, it lends The Tender Bar a contemplative quality, allowing the character to retrospectively examine the events of his life.

Considering the movie is adapted from a real memoir, this is suitably fitting. Now, where may audiences have heard his voice before?

The Tender Bar | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Ron Livingston may sound familiar

The 54-year-old American actor has starred in a wealth of projects over the years.

Looking through his film roles, perhaps you’ve seen him in such efforts as Swingers (Rob), Office Space (Peter), Adaptation (Marty Bowen), The Time Traveler’s Wife (Gomez), The Conjuring (Roger Perron), James White (Ben), Vacation (Ethan), or Tully (Drew).

His TV work, on the other hand, includes A Million Little Things (Jonathan Dixon), Search Party (Keith), Loudermilk (Sam Loudermilk), Boardwalk Empire (Roy Phillips), Defying Gravity (Maddux Donner), and more.

In the future, he’s expected to star in the Willie Pep biopic titled Pep (as Bob Kaplan), a TV show called Pantheon (Waxman), and The Flash (Henry Allen).

“I knew all the characters”

While this is Moehringer’s memoir, George Clooney’s life clearly had an influence on his desire to tackle the project.

While in conversation with Newsweek, he dove into his past:

“I grew up working at 12-years-old at a racetrack with my Uncle George, who was a pretty good drinker. And I’d end up at the bar getting him cigarettes, and I knew all the characters, and it was fun. So this is a film more about sort of coming of age and figuring out how to grow up.”

He added: “Listen, I’m not advocating kids growing up in bars obviously but it was fun for me growing up. I enjoyed it.”

The Tender Bar is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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