Sarah Michelle Gellar uploaded a montage of holiday snaps to her Instagram, including a photo of a sign labelled Misa’s Holoholo Grindz – but where is that exactly?

Holiday blues are in full force for Sarah Michelle Gellar after she relived her new year tropical holiday through her photos.

She made fans incredibly jealous with the collection of beachy pics, featuring her husband Freddie Prinze Jr, and their kids Charlotte and Rocky.

One photo that has gained some interest is of a wooden weather station sign labelled Misa’s Holoholo Grindz, but what is it and where is it located? Wherever it is, we want to be there because it’s looking a lot sunnier than here!

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Peacemaker | Harcourt Teaser | HBO Max

Peacemaker | Harcourt Teaser | HBO Max

Misa’s Holoholo Grindz location revealed

The Prinze family spent the new year in Hawaii and Gellar documented it through several snaps almost everyday on her page – we’re not complaining, we got to live vicariously through her.

They travelled to Kohala, the north-west portion of the island, and stayed at the five-star Mauna Lani Resort – rooms start from $1000 per night, to over $3000.

The photo that has fans talking is an unusual sign informing passerby’s about the weather condition purely down to a coconut.

It’s simple: if the coconut is moving, then it’s windy. If it’s wet, then it’s raining – obviously. The most extreme weather is if the fruit is completely gone, implying that a hurricane has swept it away.

Misa’s Holoholo Grindz is located in Mauna Lani Resort, behind their sports activity center Surf Shack. Here, guests can explore by hiring water sports equipment.

Although there’s no information from the hotel about Holoholo Grindz specifically, it seems to be the name of food truck: “holoholo” is the Hawaiian word for to go for a walk, stroll or sail, and “grindz” (or “grinds”) is slang for food.

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What is Sarah Michelle-Gellar’s net worth?

With a professional acting career since 1983, when she was only six years old in An Invasion of Privacy, Gellar is best known for her portrayal of Kendall Hart on ABC’s All My Children. Her other most recognised role was Buffy Summers in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Gellar went on to appear in films such as TMNT (April O’Neil) and Scooby Doo (Daphne Blake). In 2015, she started food crafting brand Foodstirs, and released a cookbook called Stirring up Fun with Food in 18 April 2017.

With so many projects going on, no wonder she has a reported net worth of $30 million!

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