THE epic showdown between Logan Paul and KSI has come to a close, as the pair have decided to go into business together.

Here’s everything you need to know about how the unlikely rivals became friends and business partners.

KSI and Logan Paul have gone head to head in the boxing ring twice and are launching an energy drink together

When did KSI and Logan Paul become friends after their fights?

Logan Paul admitted that his rivalry with KSI was fake and “all for show” after the two YouTubers boxed it out twice after months of trash talking.

The pair appeared friendly on Logan’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, as he shared a photo of himself and KSI on Instagram: “Look how far we’ve come @KSI.”

Paul used the opportunity to praise KSI for his role in their boxing rematch two years go while finally accepting defeat.

In an Instagram live, Logan said: “I love you for real and I don’t feel like fighting again, that second fight I think you won fair and square.”

After his loss to KSI – real name Olajide Olatunji – in November 2019 Logan said: “I don’t like talking trash, it was all for show, it was all to sell the fight. I have nothing but respect.”

Paul and KSI secured multi-million-pound paydays for their boxing matches, with the opening fight being considered as the biggest amateur boxing event ever in the UK.

Why have they decided to go into business together?

Logan explained how 2022 was the ‘year of love’ and that the pair wanted to put their differences aside and do something together.

The pair teased “The Final Chapter” in their rivalry last week on an Instagram Live stream.

Instead, they confirmed the launch of their new energy drink called ‘Prime’ which has left fans disappointed as they were expecting the pair to confirm a new boxing match.

Little is known about Prime, which features minimalist outer packaging but Logan said the beverage included 10% coconut water.

A statement on Prime’s Instagram page reads: “Our goal was to create a fantastic hydration drink that can fuel any lifestyle.

“Over the past year, we’ve worked countless hours to formulate the product from scratch, lock in deals with the largest retailers in the world, and build a multi-hundred person team to get our products to the shelves.”

What has Jake Paul said about Logan and KSI’s friendship?

YouTuber, influencer and boxer, Jake Paul, accused his brother Logan of ducking him after seeing the pair pose for the snap on Logan’s Instagram.

Jake was quick to share the post to his own Instagram story, although it included a subtle dig: “A picture of 2 guys who don’t want to fight me.”

It didn’t take long for Logan to get wind of his little brother’s jibe, which he responded to in a blistering fashion.

The 26-year-old shared a snap of a conversation with his sibling that read: “OMG (oh my god).

“Ur my brother ofc (of course) I don’t want to fight you. But I will if I have to pu$zy.”

KSI hasn’t fought since his split decision victory over Logan in November 2019, but has vowed once again to defeat Jake.

Logan, meanwhile, was last in action last month in an exhibition against boxing hall-of-famer Floyd Mayweather.

Jake is set to return to the ring next month, locking horns with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in Cleveland.