If you can’t get the image of the “creepy ginger girl” from Stay Close out of your head then you’re not alone. Some Twitter users are even claiming that she is keeping them up at night.

The new Netflix thriller, Stay Close, premiered on New Year’s Eve and is another adaptation of author Harlan Coben’s best-selling 2012 novel of the same name.

In fact, Fans have dubbed the duo to be bizarre yet tantalising and viewers can’t seem to keep their eyes off the dancing twins.

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Who plays the “creepy ginger girl” in Stay Close?

Poppy Gilbert plays the role of Barbie in Stay Close, aka the “creepy ginger girl.”

Gilbert was born on 14 September 1998 in London to Camilla and Nigel Gilbert. The 23-year-old budding actress graduated from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in 2019. Since then received her first job in season 9 of Call The Midwife where she played the role of Lesley Pike

Following this, she played Thomasina Tuckerton in Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse and Kelly Kirk-Lees in Midsomer Murders. She has also played a part in Leonardo and plays the lead role of Chloe in BBC and Amazon Prime’s upcoming thriller, Chloe, set to be released in 2022.

The eight-part series of Stay Close features budding actress Poppy Gilbert as Barbie and Hyoie O’Grady as her Ken. The fearsome pair play a musical theatre couple, who dance around whilst disposing of dead bodies. It is fair to say that Twitter has had a mixed response surrounding the duo who dance around to a jazz rendition of Creep by Radiohead and kill people.

Twitter reacts to “creepy ginger girl” from Stay Close

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