GAC Family’s first movie of 2022 is “The Winter Palace,” starring Danica McKellar and Neal Bledsoe. This is McKellar’s first GAC Family movie since signing on with an exclusive contract. (She explained to Heavy why she chose to join GAC in an exclusive interview here.)
“The Winter Palace” airs on Saturday, January 8, at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific on GAC Family.

‘The Winter Palace’ Was Filmed in Canada, Including at a Resort that Viewers Can Visit

“The Winter Palace” was filmed in Sturgeon Falls near North Bay, Ontario. One of the locations, West Nipissing shared, was the Saenchiur flechey Resort.

McKellar told Heavy that anyone who wants to relive the feel of the movie can stay at the resort too.

“Where we were filming, the chalet itself, was this resort,” she said. “There were little cottages at the resort, and I stayed in one of the cottages. So I would literally wake up in the morning, get dressed, and walk outside to work. It was so fun… It felt like you were part of this little community.”

Filming started on November 8, McKellar shared.

This cardboard cutout actually plays a role in the movie.

Zarrin Darnell-Martin plays McKellar’s best friend.

Some other filming locations included the Chez Nous Cafeteria, Nipissing Food & Bins, Century 21, downtown Sturgeon Falls, and the Tribune, West Nipissing reported.

You can watch behind-the-scene highlights in the Instagram story here.

McKellar is hosting a birthday part and watch party on Instagram Live an hour before the movie premieres, and then they’ll reconvene after the movie with trivia and other games.

How to Watch ‘The Winter Palace’ on TV or Online

If you’re interested in “The Winter Palace,” you can catch it on TV or streaming.

To watch online, try PhiloTV, FuboTV’s “fubo Extra” add-on, Sling TV’s Orange or Blue package with the Heartland Extra bundle, DirecTV (Ultimate or Premier packages), Frndly TV, and more. See Heavy’s story here for details on how to check out any of these services for free. McKellar told Heavy that she suggests Frndly because you can sign on with a seven-day free trial to test out the platform first.

Here are the TV channels where GAC Family is currently available:

  • AlticeUSA Channel 184
  • ATT Uverse Channel 529 SD and Channel 1529 HD (GAC Living is on 1576)
  • Comcast Channel 1620 HD  (However, local channels may be different, GAC noted, so check your guide.)
  • CoxComm Channel 1156 (One person noted that in their region, it was 198, and another person noted that it was 1358 in their region. GAC Family later noted that the channel may vary by ZIP code, so viewers should check the website.)
  • Dish Channel 165 HD (GAC Living is on DISH 248)
  • DirecTV Channel 326 HD
  • Frontier: The channel will vary by ZIP code, GAC Family noted. Check their website for details.
  • MediacomCable Channel 261 (GAC Living is on 167)
  • Optimum: GAC Family noted that the channel number will vary by ZIP code, so check the website for your details.
  • Spectrum: GAC Family noted that the channel number will vary by ZIP code, so check the website for your details.
  • SuddenLink: GAC Family noted that the channel number will vary by ZIP code, so check the website for your details.
  • Xfinity: Channel 1620 but local channel numbers may vary, GAC noted, so check your guide.

GAC Family has noted that more channels will be added soon. GAC Family also noted that they aren’t currently on Verizon.

A channel finder can be found at TV Guide’s website, in case you need more details. To find out what channel GAC Family is on for your region (if it’s available), click here to go to TV Guide’s listings. Click on the “Time Zone” section just above the TV listings and choose “Search by zip code.” When you enter your ZIP code, you’ll see a dropdown menu with different cable, satellite, and antenna providers you can choose from. Choose the one that matches yours.  (You might need a login with TV Guide in order to set your provider.) Then scroll down until you see GAC’s logo on the left and this will tell you their channel number.

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