THOUSANDS of teachers could be eligible for bonuses worth up to $5,000 each as schools offer incentives to prevent them from quitting.
It comes after exhausted teachers quit or retired as schools moved teaching online during the pandemic, leading to staff shortages in some states.

Teacher in some states are getting incentives to not quit their jobs

In a survey conducted in January and February of 2021 by the Rand Corp — a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization — it was reported that one in four American teachers considered leaving their job.

From forming young minds to being a makeshift social worker for troubled students, remote learning has left many teachers little time for themselves.

Lanee Higgins, a Baltimore County Public Schools teacher, told the Washington Post how remote teaching demolished the boundaries between work and home.

She eventually had to leave her position to seek therapy.

With teachers like her under extreme stress, schools are having difficulty keeping them on. This is why schools are offering an intriguing cash incentive.

Below is a list of what some states are currently offering.

Alpine School District

Utah is offering their teachers in virtual settings $300 per student above a class size limit of 30 students.

Detroit Public Schools Community District

In Michigan, the city of Detroit is offering $500 per quarter to teachers who simultaneously provide blended, in-person, face-to-face, and virtual teaching services to students.

Howard County Public Schools

Maryland is offering teachers “who freely and willingly volunteer to substitute during their daily preparation time” a compensation of $55 per preparation period.

This is approximately 60% higher than the equivalent maximum hourly rate that the district pays to substitute teachers.

Onslow County Schools

In North Carolina, Onslow County Schools said it will invest some $6million to provide approximately $3,600 in two retention bonus payments.

Randolph County Public Schools

Randolph County Public School System is another school system that is located in North Carolina, and they are offering every district employee a $5,000 bonus.

How do you qualify for a bonus?

Bonuses are being given out in different ways.

For example, the teachers at Rowan-Salisbury Schools were each paid $5,000 to attend a leadership institute.

Therefore, you should check with your employer to see how much you be receiving and how the bonuses are being given out at your school.

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