Christine Brown has opted to walk away from her husband, Kody Brown. The November 2021 announcement didn’t exactly surprise Brown family followers. Still, season 16 of Sister Wives shows fans just how bad things got between the couple who spent 27 years together. Now, fans are coming to Christine’s defense, noting that Kody’s treatment of his third wife was especially harsh and unfair in the years leading up to their separation. 

Kody Brown accused Christine Brown of wanting a “vacation” during the pandemic 

Christine Brown and Kody Brown seemed to seriously disagree during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The former flames had vastly different ways of addressing the virus’ growing threat. Christine’s protocols were, admittedly, lax. She traveled fairly extensively and hosted large family gatherings. Kody, along with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, took more serious precautions. 

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Regardless of who was right or wrong with their precautions, Sister Wives fans are livid with Kody for his treatment of Christine. Many fans have taken issue with Kody for suggesting Christine wanted a “vacation” when she decided to travel to New Jersey for Ysabel Brown’s surgery. TLC cameras captured Ysabel’s scoliosis journey for several seasons. Despite back braces and other interventions, the teen was in increasing amounts of pain. Brown family followers note that Kody didn’t appear to have the same reaction when Janelle Brown, his second wife, traveled to North Carolina around the same time. Janelle traveled to be by her granddaughter’s side when she had surgery. 

Kody has long suggested his third wife isn’t “loyal” to the family 

Kody has spent seasons discussing “loyalty” and his wives’ commitment to “the family.” Before the pandemic set in, Kody suggested Christine’s commitment to the family was problematic. He went so far as to say that Christine needed to “honor the family” for him to love her. 

Reddit user points out how the clear manipulation was problematic years ago and likely built up over time. More importantly, Christine is the one wife who appeared the most invested in polygamy. The mother of six is often credited with keeping the Brown kids together. She helped to raise her sister wives’ children while they worked. Before Sister Wives, Christine served as the stay-at-home parent while Meri Brown, Janelle, and Kody worked. Robyn joined the family later.

What was the final straw for Christine Brown? 

While Christine and Kody’s marriage is over in real-time, footage from season 16 of Sister Wives is about a year behind. The show appears to be covering the lead-up to her decision, though. Whether fans will see the moment she decides to split this season remains to be seen. That hasn’t stopped Brown family followers from debating about what finally pushed Christine to opt-out of her marriage. 

Christine Brown and Kody Brown sitting on set on a couch on ‘Sister Wives’
Christine Brown and Kody Brown on ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Some viewers believe Kody’s treatment of Ysabel ahead of her surgery was the final straw for Christine. Others argue that Kody shutting down Christine’s desire to move back to Utah spelled doom for the marriage. For now, we just don’t know. Christine has decided not to share that information with fans and followers just yet. The mother of six has made it clear that TLC will cover her decision on the show at some point. Whether that is this season or in a subsequent season remains unclear. 

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