UFC middleweight Marvin Vettori challenged Jake Paul to a sparring match and goaded: ‘Put your nuts on the table’.

Paul has already beaten two former UFC fighters, most recently a brutal knockout against Tyron Woodley.


UFC middleweight Marvin Vettori challenged Jake Paul to a sparring match[/caption]


Jake Paul during a sparring session[/caption]

But current contender Vettori, 28, now wants a piece of the YouTube star, even if comes behind-closed-doors in the gym.

Tweeting Paul, Vettori posted: “Let’s set up a sparring. I’ll match any bet you want.

“You claim anybody, anytime, anywhere but you won’t go further then 6 rounds I promise you that.

“Put your nuts on the table, I wanna feel if you can really box.”

Vettori, who has sparred ex-WBC boxing champion David Benavidez before, is 18–5–1 in his MMA career, and lost in his UFC title challenge to Israel Adesanya last June.

Paul meanwhile, is 5-0 as a professional boxer with KOs against YouTuber ‘AnEsonGib’, ex-NBA player Nate Robinson, 37, retired UFC welterweight Ben Askren, 37, and Woodley, 39.


Vettori’s callout comes as the social media sensation continues his feud with UFC president Dana White.

White had agreed to be tested for cocaine for the next ten years, so long as he could do the same for steroids with Paul over the next 24 months.

But Paul hit back: “Steroid test me whenever the f*** you want. It is two weeks after my fight and I’m a fat bitch.

“And I take it as a compliment because there’s no other excuse to me knocking out all your champions [than].’ This kid does steroids.’

“Look at me. Look at that, a fat bitch. If you steroid test me, I want to steroid test every one of your fighters.

“Ohhh, you don’t want to do it though, will you?”


UFC president Dana White[/caption]