Lala Kent, of “Vanderpump Rules” fame, was engaged to Randall Emmett, who is the father of her child, Ocean, until November 2021. According to Us Weekly, the reality television star shared that she has been taking steps to move on from her five-year relationship with Emmett on her podcast, “Give Them Lala.” While recording a January 2022 podcast episode, she revealed that she had communicated with a man on social media over the holidays. 

“I had a fantastic holiday and I slid in to a man’s DMs for the first time since I was like 23,” shared the 31-year-old. 

She then revealed the experience “felt strange,” as she does not usually connect with potential romantic partners over social media. 

“I don’t slide into the DM, I slid into the DM when I was like drinking and young. But I haven’t slid into the DMs and I don’t even know if I have game anymore,” said Kent. 

She also explained she does not “have any expectations for a potential relationship” due to being busy with motherhood and her makeup company, Give Them Lala. She went on to say that her conversation over social media “went well.” 

“I popped my DM cherry and just talking to a man who is not my previous relationship, it’s just like this is fun. Obviously, I have a little bit of game left if there’s communication happening,” asserted the “Vanderpump Rules” star. 

She also confided that her “initial [message] was just emojis.” 

“Like not even anything sexy, not even anything hot. He responded it – it like sparked a conversation,” said the Bravo personality. 

Kent Spoke About Emmett in December 2021

During a December 2021 appearance on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, Kent discussed her relationship with Emmett. She noted when she first started dating her ex-fiance he had spoiled her. However, she asserted that she was not with him for financial gain. 

“I always said if I ended up in a box tomorrow, I can’t think of anybody else that I would rather live in a box with,” said the Bravo star. 

She went on to say her loyalty is why she is frustrated with Emmett’s decision to be unfaithful. 

“Even when we weren’t connecting, I was so loyal and faithful. I was not sending inappropriate text messages. I was like in it. I went straight to him if I was ever feeling unhappy. I was willing to go to couples therapy. I was going to therapy on my own. Like I was doing anything I possibly could to make sure that he and I would stand the test of time,” stated Kent. 

While speaking to Page Six in December 2021, Kent noted that Emmett has not admitted to cheating while they were a couple. 

“I know that he had sent messages that he said he never did but there’s proof elsewhere and bottom line is that I feel like I was in a relationship that was based on nothing but lies,” stated the 31-year-old.

Scheana Shay Commented on Kent’s Breakup

During a November 2021 Us Weekly interview, alongside her fiance Brock Davies, Scheana Shay shared how she believed her “Vanderpump Rules” co-star has been handling her breakup. 

“I mean obviously when you go through a separation it’s not easy especially when there is kids involved. I can’t even imagine. But she is a very strong woman. And she’s going to be just fine,” stated the Bravo personality. 

The 36-year-old also shared that she did not believe Kent should get back together with Emmett any time soon.  

“I want her to do what’s best for her and right now, no I think that they need some time apart. I mean done the road you hope that any family will be back together. But right now? No. I think she needs to focus on herself and her baby,” stated Shay.  

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