A TATTOO fanatic has spent £12,500 on inking his face and even his eyeballs in a bid to become a human puzzle.
The extreme body modification artist from Germany, known only by his Instagram handle ‘Black Depression’ has also had his teeth crowned in titanium.

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The 28-year-old known wants to look like a human puzzle[/caption]

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He has covered his face in puzzle pieces[/caption]

The 28-year-old hopes to transform himself into looking “as inhuman as possible”.

His unusual face tattoo features a variety of puzzle pieces – some filled in with colour and others left blank.

He has also had chunks of his ear cartilage removed, both earlobes and nostrils pierced and stretched and inked the whites of his eyeballs with a jet black shade.

“Body modification has fascinated me for many years. I can do my individual thing, not the same as what others do,” he said.

“I can create and change my body as I would like it to be. I don’t follow a trend like many other people. Over the years I developed my own trend, which nobody else wears.

“I go to different body mod artists around the world, and I also perform some procedures on myself.”

He explained that his body modification journey began when he was 20 years old.

His first procedure was to split his tongue then had the visible portion of external ear amputated on both sides.

But he isn’t fully satisfied with his modified look and is planning on doing even more extreme body modifications in the near future.

Whatever he chooses, he’s hoping to avoid the fate of the woman who was recently left in tears by her boyfriend’s first attempt at using a tattoo gun.

The TikTok user posted the fail on her social media, captioning the video: ”life is temporary this unfortunately isn’t.”

She had requested a cute smiley face, which the boyfriend had promised to deliver.

But the girlfriend was left in tears as she discovered that instead he had tattooed a wonky smiley face with ”RAD” written on top.

”Mistakes were actually made,” she revealed in the video.

Jam Press

Black Depression says he wants to look as inhuman as possible[/caption]

Jam Press

His first body modification was getting his tongue split[/caption]