A MISSING seven-year-old girl’s little brother has been searching for his sister in a park, the boy’s adopted dads told The Sun in an exclusive interview.
Harmony Montgomery used to take care of her little brother as they bounced around the foster care system, but they were separated in 2019.

Harmony Montgomery, now seven, and her brother Jamison, now five, were inseparable while they bounced around the foster care system
Harmony was last seen in October 2019 but for unknown reasons wasn’t reported missing to the police until December 2021

Harmony was purportedly reunited with her biological father in February 2019, and Jamison was adopted by Blaine and Jonathon Miller in November 2019.

Even at a young age, Jamison is very aware and keeps asking where’s Harmony, Blaine told The Sun.

Unfortunately, no one knows that answer.

The young girl was last seen in Manchester, New Hampshire in October 2019, but her disappearance wasn’t reported missing until the last week of December.

The mysterious case captured national headlines and impacted the Miller’s Washington DC home and messed with young Jamison’s psyche.

“We try to shield him from the news but he saw her picture on a flyer and said, ‘That’s my Harmony,’” Jonathon said. “We brought him to a park, and he was looking for her.”

The doting dads said they’re doing everything they can to find Harmony for Jamison’s sake.

Not having his big sister in his life has impacted Jamison’s performance in school where he’s been acting out, his dads told The Sun.

Jamison is going through a lot of trauma. It hasn’t been an easy road,” Jonathon said.

“We’re just trying to figure out where she is. Someone does know something. That person needs to come forward,” Blaine said.

“We don’t want to think of anything else,” Jonathan said when asked if they think she’s still alive.


Manchester, New Hampshire Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said his detectives “are working around the clock” to find Harmony.

He announced more than $10,000 in rewards for information and set up a tips hotline can be called or texted and will be manned 24/7: 603-203-6060.

The admittedly emotional police chief was emphatic in delivering his message and pleaded with the community of Manchester to “be an adult” and come forward.

“Help us find this little girl. Someone knows something, do what is right and call in,” Aldenberg said.

Then he urged the public to avoid social media theories.

“Don’t play detective. Don’t play police. Leave that to us,” Chief Aldenberg said.

He said he couldn’t say who and where Harmony was supposed to be and who she was supposed to be with, but she wasn’t with that person or in that location.

“Quite frankly, enough is enough. This is a seven-year-old girl. Let’s find her.”


Like the New Hampshire services and the Manchester police department said Monday, now isn’t the time to assign blame; it’s time to find Harmony, Jonathon said.

“We’re in emergency rescue mode,” he said. “We want to do everything we can to find Harmony.”

Right from the start, the two loving dads knew their son had a special connection with his sister, and they believed they will reunited the two.

Each of the last two years, they said they bought Christmas and birthday gifts for Harmony that they’re waiting to give to her.

One of the gifts is a Tickle Me Elmo because Harmony gave hers to Jamison while they were in a foster home.

They’ve been in contact with Harmony and Jamison’s mom Crystal.

But she nor the Millers have had any luck getting in contact with Harmony’s father or his current wife.

“They’re not on speaking terms,” they said.

Blaine and Jonathon Miller adopted Jamison (left) along with two other boys
Blair Miller