MiHoYo has announced alternate outfits in Genshin Impact for Amber, Rosaria, Mona, and Jean, and fans think they are examples of censorship for the Chinese servers.
Update 2.4 has only just released and January is an exciting month for travelers. Shenhe and Yun Jin are available to get right now, and there will be more events to enjoy once the next character event wishes are released.

All of this is very exciting, but there are also forthcoming skins which cover the neck region.

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Genshin Impact alternate outfits

MiHoYo has announced alternate outfits and skins for Genshin Impact characters Amber, Mona, Jean, and Rosaria.

The new designs were revealed on Twitter and they are all pretty tame and barely noticeable from a superficial point-of-view. If you can’t see the differences, Twitter user @nctzbebe has posted a helpful visual comparison.

Again, the differences are mostly subtle, but they can be seen if you look closely. Amber’s clothes have a darker shade of red with less cleavage, and Jean doesn’t show any skin below the neck.

Rosaria’s redesign is fitted with thigh-high black boots, and Mona’s swim suit/figure skater outfit has been replaced by a skirt.

Why fans think they the Genshin Impact alternate outfits are censored

Some fans think that the Genshin Impact alternate outfits are an example of censorship because they will reportedly be mandatory on the Chinese server.

They will be optional in all other regions and servers, but they will reportedly replace the original designs completely for Chinese players. MiHoYo hasn’t provided an explanation for why the skins are being released, it just says that they are ‘partial redesigns‘.

Although it’s not confirmed as censorship, fans believe it is because the new skins show less skin and cleavage. The differences are not staggering, but this has happened with other games exclusively for Chinese servers such as League of Legends.

Release date

There is no release date for the skins as of writing.

While they will reportedly replace the original skins for Chinese players, the good news is that they will be fully optional for everyone else. This has been confirmed by miHoYo.

Although the optional status is good news, some fans on Reddit are worried about future characters. They are concerned that some future protagonists will have tamer designs and less visual allure so that all servers can have the same skins.

We don’t know that this will happen for certain, but some fans are worried nonetheless.

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