Destiny 2 players are working to save others who are finding themselves trapped in the new activity involuntarily.

Bungie’s 30th anniversary brought a new activity to Destiny 2, the Dares Of Eternity. To ensure that players get to try it, anyone who starts the game after the update will be immediately launched into the activity. This is handy for regular players as it keeps them informed on what is fresh in the game.

However, this causes issues for new players. Those jumping into Destiny 2 for the first time will be light level 1000, while the Dares activity is rated for 1,150 light levels. This means that all of the enemies in the mode are far too strong for beginners. But Destiny 2 will launch players into the event regardless of their light level. This means that some new players find themselves stuck in the new activity with no way to get out.

Some veteran Destiny 2 players noticed this and have taken it upon themselves to escort stuck players through the activity so that they can get to the rest of the game and complete content appropriate to their light level.

One player posted on the Destiny 2 Reddit that they had started forcing their light level down to be matched into lobbies full of new players. This can be done by equipping low-level items. They reported meeting players who had been stuck for over twenty minutes without getting past the second boss room. The player can then equip their appropriately levelled gear and help new players get through the encounters.

In the Reddit thread, Bungie community manager Cozmo replied saying “Appreciate the report. We have sent this issue over to the team to look into. Hopefully, we can make new lights first interaction with the fantastic horse a more positive one.”

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