Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell has been the team’s de-facto offensive coordinator for a few months, and the transition has actually gone well for the team as well as the head coach.
The team improved down the stretch and made some big plays, and a big reasons has been the offensive plan they’ve had. Campbell has been a big part of that, but in spite of his improvements, the coach isn’t completely willing to commit to a return in the role no matter how comfortable he feels.

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Speaking with the media on January 5, 2022 on a post at, Campbell talked about his feelings on the role and what his plan was. As the coach said, he doesn’t have an idea of what he wants to do just yet at the position.

“Honestly, I haven’t. I know I’m getting a lot more comfortable and I do feel like this is something I can do and be good at, but I’m not ready to commit to what I am going to do next year yet. I got to sit down and process all this at the right time,” Campbell said honestly when asked by the media.

If the Lions look outside of the home, a name like Buffalo’s Ken Dorsey could make sense. On the staff, tight ends coach Ben Johnson has been hyped and could see a role as the team’s play caller via promotion. Campbell could always elect to call the plays himself again, even though he isn’t completely sure that is something he wants to do.

Campbell Details Adjustment Period

Taking over play calling wasn’t easy or glamorous midseason for Campbell, and the coach admitted that he has struggled with consistency and learning to balance things and wear many hats. As he said to the media, that was something that took time, but he is doing much better feeling comfortable with the role and finding balance.

“It was, I am not going to lie to you, it was a lot. It took a couple of weeks to be able to start breathing again. There as a transitional period there. It took a minute to try and get it all in. Unfortunately and fortunately, when you take that on, something’s going to suffer somewhere until you figure out. So, it’s been a process, but I can tell you this, I’m miles ahead of where I was three or four weeks ago. I feel that way. I’,m so much more comfortable now. I’m starting to figure it out. Doesn’t mean I’m perfect, but I do feel more comfortable.”

Will comfort lead to a full-time role as head coach and offensive coordinator? That remains to be seen, but it could be something to watch in the offseason.

Rumors Surfaced Midseason of Possible Lions Coaching Changes

Campbell took over play calling duties in Week 10 in the middle part of the year. With that in mind, more was revealed about the direction of the offense from CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora a few months back when the shift was made, and it’s clear that change could be on the menu once the 2022 offseason comes in a few months time.

In a piece discussing some of Detroit’s changes, La Canfora cited a team source that the shifts for the team were a long time coming. Offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn apparently struggled to mesh with quarterback Jared Goff, and there were apparently disagreements over how to run the offense, schemes and D’Andre Swift’s role according to La Canfora. As a result, there could be offseason changes looming, even if they won’t happen during the season.

As La Canfora also wrote, Campbell doesn’t figure as someone who wants a hands-on say on the offense moving forward in terms of play calling, so he could hire someone and defer that role again if a change is made. According to La Canfora’s sources, it would be “very surprising” to not see some additions or changes to the staff, perhaps especially with the Lions potentially in the market for a young quarterback in 2022.

Lynn has written off any differences with Campbell and his new role, but it seems clear that there could still be a staff shuffle this offseason based on what has happened.

While Campbell won’t commit to what is going to happen, it’s clear the offensive coordinator role was solidified in 2021 and might be that way in 2022.

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