Cast and crew of “Vanderpump Rules” have figured out a safe way to film during the coronavirus pandemic, but it hasn’t been easy — and things have looked a bit different on the current season.
Star Ariana Madix gave a glimpse into the changes that have been made and the strict protocols that the cast and crew must follow to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The reality star took to Twitter to let fans of the show know that there had even been a fairly long break in filming due to exposure.

You may have noticed that the current season of the show doesn’t look the same as past seasons. For example, there are more get togethers at home than out at swanky bars or restaurants with tons of people shoulder-to-shoulder doing shots. Ariana brought this up as well.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ariana Said Filming Stopped for 7-10 Days Due to Covid

Ariana Madix

BravoAriana Madix.

On January 4, 2022, Ariana tweeted out some information about filming, and revealed that productions was actually shut down for about a week after a “Covid scare.”

“I feel compelled to let y’all know we missed 7-10 days of filming bc of a Covid scare and we went from having multiple events this proposal could be done at to like almost nothing left. there was nothing normal about trying to film amidst Covid,” she wrote, referencing Scheana Marie and Brock Davies’ proposal.

“[Seven to 10] days gone during this exact week of filming, to be clear. For example, there was going to be a party at a really nice house in the hills that would have been perfect, but then that was taken away [because] Covid. I really wanted to be able to help Brock make this happen but alas [Covid],” she added.

The Cast Does Things a Bit Different These Days

It’s not easy to film a reality show with a worldwide pandemic going on, and Ariana acknowledged such.

“Filming during Covid is no joke. We had breaks of 10 days at times [because] of exposure. Why do you think we are always at someone’s house? Why it’s ONLY us at a bar or restaurant?” Ariana tweeted in response to a few critical tweets from fans assuming things were “force fed” by producers.

Back in March 2021, Lisa Vanderpump announced that she would re-open a couple of her Los Angeles-area eateries following the shutdown. At the time, she said that she hoped that “VPR” would also start filming again.

“I think a lot of people want that show back because in the restaurant business there’s always a smorgasbord of stories and relationships and there’s a lot of the original cast. We want the restaurant to be back to at least 50 percent capacity before,” she told E! News at the time.

Fast forward to August 2021, and People magazine reported that Vanderpump mandated vaccines or proof of negative Covid tests to any and all patrons wanting to enter TomTom or Pump. Regardless, the cast of “VPR” is rarely seen filming in busy restaurant settings, and has spent a great deal of time filming at each other’s homes after the past few months.

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