Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
AS thousands flee Russia, a chilling video has emerged showing reserve troops being warned that ‘playtime’s over’ by their new commanding officer.

In the video, shared on Twitter by ABC reporter Patrick Reevell, recently recruited Russian reservists are seen being told that “playtime’s over” by their new boss. Responses from these new recruits seem mixed, as some sit in solemn quiet while others shout in protest at their new leader.

This comes as thousands of Russians flee Putin’s brutal regime, amid plans to conscript a further 300,000 troops to serve in the Ukraine war.

Over 6,000 Russians attempted to cross into Finland today, leading the nation to introduce new visa restrictions.

Putin ordered the mobilisation of Russian civilians on Wednesday morning, in a “chest-banging” speech on TV in which he also made a thinly veiled threat to nuke the West.

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