Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
EBANIE BRIDGES praised Tai Emery for flashing her boobs after her recent bareknuckle victory.

Emery, 35 marked her debut fight in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship with a devastating KO in Thailand.

Ebanie Bridges praised Tai Emery after her stunt on her bareknuckle debut
Tai Emery made headlines after she celebrated her victory by flashing the crowd
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The Australian sent Rung-Arun Khunchai sprawling to the canvas in the first round with a brutally delivered right hook after a textbook uppercut.

The 35-year-old then celebrated her win by jumping up on to the ropes and lifting up her top to flash her breasts to the crowd.

Boxer Bridges, 35, who garnered attention by showing up to weigh-ins dressed in lingerie, hailed Emery’s celebration.

In fact, the IBF bantamweight world champion admitted she wishes she thought of that before her fellow Australian.

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Ever since Emery’s stunt, the Aussie boxing star has been inundated with fans asking for her to follow suit.

Bridges said: “I wish I thought of that before she did it. But now she’s done it, I can’t do it.

“Bare knuckle boxing is pretty wild and the characters are too, but it was cool.

“I’m not going to be flashing my boobs anytime soon, sorry guys, but good on her, it looked like she has a great set, so why not?”

Bridges has accumulated a passionate but slightly unusual fanbase, as she has had people messaging her offering money for her socks, bathwater or just to be insulted.

Bridges told talkSPORT: “Give me your money, that’s my response!

“You want my stuff, then you’ve got to give me your money. There’s plenty of weird people out there.

“I haven’t sold my bathwater, but I’ve been getting so many weird requests I was thinking should I go buy some jars?

Ebanie Bridges admitted she wished she would have thought about this first
Ebanie Bridges has amassed strange requests from her fans throughout the years

“I’ve done the socks and my feet because it’s a laugh and harmless. I thought it was funny and they ended up paying, so now any requests that come through, I’m just like here is my PayPal.

“You’d think normal people would want lingerie or something like that, but it’s all feet and socks.

“I do get the random requests for the bathwater and other weird things which I won’t go into now.

“It’s all side money at the end of the day, if they want to pay then it’s up to them.”

Tai Emery made headlines around the world after her over-the-top celebration
Tai Emery marked her bare knuckle debut with an unforgettable celebration

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