Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
A PUB landlady’s caustic comebacks to complaints are causing a commotion among customers.

Jo Thirkell regularly replies to any poor reviews online with a string of sarcastic slights.

Jo Thirkell replies to negative online reviews and does not hold back

The married 49-year-old even has a sign up behind the bar at The Gables stating: “Zero f***s given.”

Her rants have divided opinion, with some reckoning she has “terrible manners, and rude and disrespectful staff”.

But other customers at the Middlesbrough boozer love her no-nonsense approach to moaners.

She responded to one Tripadvisor complaint about her home-made goulash by saying: “It makes me happy that idiots are still allowed to make their own decisions not to return. See you again soon, not.”



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Another customer was branded a “petulant spoilt brat” and a family with kids were told: “We are not a childcare centre.”

Another who moaned was told: “Don’t throw your toys out of the pram.”

Jo also told a woman who left a bad review: “Shut up you blinking idiot.”

Others find her forthright views refreshing, with one commenting: “You are fantastic, love the banter.”

One customer said that while he was in the pub, Jo had “turned into Peggy Mitchell and started screaming ‘get out of my pub’.”

He added: “It was a right laugh, will be back again next Tuesday.”

The mum of three, who has run the pub with husband Mark for nine years, said of moaners: “They get both barrels and they deserve it. This attitude started after lockdown.

“I decided I wasn’t going to sit quietly and take the abuse. I don’t suffer fools. I stand by every word I’ve put on the Tripadvisor replies.

“I don’t care what the moaners think, we have wonderful customers who come here to enjoy home cooked food and friendly atmosphere.

Everyone is welcome — but if they decide to dish it out, they’ll get it straight back.”

Landlady Jo has told customers her pub is not a childcare centre
A sign at the bar warns customers the landlady is not to be messed with

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