Sun. Sep 25th, 2022
THEY MAY look cute in the cartoons and on the telly but no one actually wants mice in their home.

Far from saving the world like Danger Mouse or trying to take it over like Pinky and the Brain, all they actually do is scuttle about freaking everyone out and spreading germs.


Mice may look cute but they carry disease around the home[/caption]

They are drawn to homes which aren’t super clean because it means they can find crumbs to feast on.

Mice can chew through cables and carpet in your home and they also traipse bacteria about the place with their faeces and saliva.

Shifting the little rodents can be a challenge though as they have a great sense of smell so can avoid traps.

But if you’re struggling with the crafty critters, don’t worry. Mrs Hinch fans – as always – have got a solution for you.

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In a Hinch-appreciation Facebook one person asked for tips to get them out of their home.

Yareli Luna said: “Tips for getting mice out an apartment? They freak me out completely. We spotted one in our apartment yesterday.

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“It looks like it’s coming from the heater holes coming from the downstairs apartment.

“Since we’re renting, don’t know if we can really do much to block the hole.”

Fellow clean fans were quick to jump in to offer advice and it seems they all suggested the same thing.

One person said: “Try steel wool. They can’t chew through it. Good luck.”

Another said: “We had this problem. Wire wool in any holes (no matter how small as mice can squeeze through tiny holes) they can’t/won’t chew through that stuff.”

A third said: “Stick a bunch of steel wool in every opening.

“They can’t chew through it. I have used SOS pads they work also.”

Another said: “Plug hole with steel wool, they don’t like it.”

While someone else said: “Steel wool they can’t chew through it.”

Another person said: “Block the holes with steel wool.

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“Around pipes and check spaces around windows and doors. It’s disgusting and a health hazard. Complain to landlord.”

Steel wool is available in most big hardware shops and in Wickes they sell the handy item for just 65p.

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