Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
THE MASKED Dancer fans think they’ve worked out which celebrity is behind Candlestick.

In the last episode Candlestick gave an energetic performance to Dangerous Love by Fuse ODG and viewers at home insisted one specific thing gave their identity away.


Viewers think Rylan is behind Candlestick’s mask[/caption]

Fans reckon tall Rylan’s height has given him away
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One person tweeted: “I think candlestick is @rylan.”

Another said: “Candlestick = @Rylan.”

And the reason they think Rylan Clark is behind the mask is because of Candlestick’s height.

Presenter Rylan is famously tall, standing at six foot four.

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Other popular guesses for Candlestick is Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa.

The celebrity behind the elaborate costume pulled out all the stops and revealed that they don’t have any dance experience and went to “Tinseltown” on their “way to success”.

Some are convinced that the Sex Education star, 29, is Candlestick after references to Doctor Who and his hometown Scotland.

Inititally, scores of people insisted Candlestick was ITV star ‘Judge’ Robert Rinder thanks to a reference to “court”.

One viewer tweeted confidently: “Candlestick is Judge Rob Rinder.”

Another agreed: “We’re all thinking Judge Rinder aren’t we?” and: “putting it out there Candle = Judge Rinder.”

Another zeroed in one some of the other clues: “Lemon rind = rinder Just ice?! = JUSTICE it’s judge rinder.”

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