Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
SKIMS has established itself as the top brand in shapewear, but even if you’re willing to pay the high prices the items are often sold-out.

A TikToker has shared her Amazon find that will fill the Skims void until Kim restocks her iconic line.

The TikToker showed her viewers the Skims Fits Everybody bodysuit
TikTok / thecurvyamanda
Amanda modeled the Amazon dupe, which she said was made from high quality material
TikTok / thecurvyamanda

TikTok user TheCurvyAmanda shared her favorite Skims dupes, and they cost less than half the price.

Amanda recommended the Saungkuai square neck open back bodysuit to her viewers.

Available in a variety of colors, the $20 item has similar features to Kim Kardashian’s popular $58 Fits Everybody bodysuit.

The TikToker showed her followers the Skims bodysuit in blue, before comparing it to a bright orange Amazon dupe.

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“This bodysuit is by Skims, it is one of the Fits Everybody collection and I love it. I do totally think that it is worth the money but if I can find a dupe, I’ll try it,” she explained.

Modeling the cheaper alternative, Amanda said: “Immediate first impression, the material is not the same. Still very soft and we’re looking very similar.”

“The fit is a little bit different but I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty great. See the back is also very similar,” she continued.

The influencer also gave viewers a try-on of the Amazon bodysuit in a more pastel orange.

She said: “And the other color, this is half the price of the Skims bodysuit and it’s pretty great. And you don’t have to worry about fighting to get your size before they sell out.”

” I will be getting a couple more though, just in case you guys do sell them out,” Amanda added.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the dupe.

“I need skims dupes because she’s always sold out!!!” commented one viewer.

Another follower said: “The dupe looks better for real.”

“Honestly, super impressed that you can find these dupes given that the Amazon pictures look so digitally altered,” wrote a third person.

The TikTok user also purchased the Skims dupe in a lighter shade of orange
TikTok / thecurvyamanda

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