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A FASHION fan who bought $2,500 worth of used accessories from Kylie Jenner was in for an unwelcome surprise when they turned up in the mail.

YouTube personality Laura Lee was thrilled with some of her Kardashian Kloset haul, but she said one purse as looked like ‘ham’ and discovered that another $395 splurge wasn’t a purse at all.

YouTube/Laura Lee

YouTuber Laura Lee spent thousands on handbags that once belonged to Kylie Jenner[/caption]

YouTube/Laura Lee

The beauty pro started her unboxing with a pair of Kylie’s old sunglasses[/caption]

Lee spent $2,500 on the website, securing four handbags and a pair of sunglasses that reportedly belonged to Kylie Jenner.

At first, she forgot she had ordered the sunglasses and said she was anxious to try them on because “no sunglasses look good” on her.

“Please be cute on me,” she implored as she tried the glasses on. Luckily, Lee was pleased with the buy after she styled the sunnies a few different ways.

“I feel like I could make this work,” Lee declared.



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She bought the Westward Leaning glasses for $165 from Kardashian Kloset.

That style, the Solitaire, is still available on the brand website and retails for $195, so Lee saw a minor discount by buying used.

“Kylie definitely wore these,” she declared.

“I do see a little bit of marking where it looks like these have been thrown down in a purse,” she added, pointing out the places where small marks were visible on the arms and nose.

Next, Lee opened a rhinestone mesh pouch by Alexander Wang.

The bag was woven with pink stones and included a snap closure, plus, it rolled up for travel.

“Oh, that’s sexy,” Lee declared, admiring the bag.

Holding it up to the light, she did make a connection between the square, flat bag and an unexpected doppelganger: “It looks like a piece of ham,” Lee stated.

She displayed some signs of wear and missing rhinestones on the outside of the purse.

YouTube/Laura Lee

Lee said the Alexander Wang purse looked like ‘a piece of ham’[/caption]

“It does look like she did carry this bag,” Lee said, pointing out all the spots where jewels had gone missing while the bag was in use.

She paid $395 for the bag, which originally retailed for close to $700.

Lee’s next purchase was a brand-new clutch from Cult Gaia, one of her favorite purse brands.

“It has the tags, are you kidding? I’m so excited,” Lee said as she unwrapped the purse.

The black satin clutch featured long fringe “extensions” that nearly swept the ground when the bag was held at waist height.

YouTube/Laura Lee

Her new Cult Gaia bag had long ‘extensions’ of fringe[/caption]

“Can you imagine wearing this bag out?” Lee asked. “Look at the drama.”

Lee paid $350 for the brand-new bag, which retails for around $378 online, and was thrilled that the purse looked as spectacular in person as it did online.

“I’m mesmerized by this bag,” Lee said.

Opening up the next handbag, Lee realized she had made a grave error.

“I’m gonna scream,” Lee said. “Tell me why I thought this was a full-size bag.”

In her hands, Lee held an inches-wide Bottega Veneta micro-bag – a woven, keychain-sized miniature of a full-size tote.

“I was scammed!” Lee declared. “That makes me sick.”

YouTube/Laura Lee

Lee purchased a tiny Bottega Veneta micro-bag by mistake[/caption]

Lee paid $395 for the purse, but once she realized what had happened, she noted that it was her fault for not noting the size listed online.

“If I had paid attention and known it was the size of a keychain I would have skipped buying it,” she admitted. “It does say the size of the bag on the site.”

Adding insult to injury, the exact bag is listed on other retail sites like Poshmark for $390, less than Lee paid for it.

Though the micro-bag is no longer available from any retailers, brand-new tiny bags from the brand sell for $1,000 and above.

Lee recovered quickly when she unveiled her final purchase, a bright pink Prada pouch with a black mesh overlay and a chain strap.

“I think that this is the coolest Prada bag ever,” Lee said.

YouTube/Laura Lee

The silky Prada bag was significantly less expensive used than new[/caption]

She turned the silky pink pouch inside-out and found marks on the inside that showed some light wear, perhaps from “some Kylie cosmetics.”

But other than the faint markings inside, “It looks pretty much in perfect condition,” Lee announced.

She paid $1,195 for the bag, and displayed a listing on the Prada website for the same bag, new, at $1,690.

Altogether, Lee saved around $1,400 off the original retail prices of the bags, though she likely could have saved more if she bought from other second-hand resale websites.

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Lee was happy with her purchases and even hinted she might make another purchase from Kardashian Kloset in the near future.

“We all need some more bags, am I right?” she said as a sign-off.

YouTube/Laura Lee

Lee called the tiny bag a ‘scam’ at first but then took responsibility for the mistake[/caption]

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