Sun. Sep 25th, 2022
WHILE you may not be afraid of aging, you could be terrified of getting wrinkles.

Luckily, a 46-year-old woman shared how she diminished the fine lines on her face by doing three simple skincare steps every night.

TikTok skincare expert Olga shares her own wrinkle transformation, as well as her follower’s
Olga’s follower used her three-step nighttime skincare routine

Helping women feel naturally beautiful is TikTok creator Olga’s focus.

And it all starts with skincare.

Whether it’s learning how to organically release tension in your jaw or how to target forehead wrinkles, Olga shares everything with her followers.

She posted a video highlighting one particular follower’s results after they followed her simple three-step evening skincare routine to prevent and diminish wrinkles.



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“I get tons of reviews and this lady was kind enough to let me share her transformation,” Olga says.

Olga is wearing two strips of face tape that form an upwards arrow in between her eyebrows.

In her previous videos, the 46-year-old creator has revealed the many ways to put face tape on to tighten your skin without using botox.

According to an article on Allure, “the tape will keep the muscles in place throughout the night, limiting their motion.”

Using face tape is one step in Olga’s nighttime routine.

Then, she does an oil cleansing with seabuckthorn and then uses her gua sha.

Olga’s follower wrote: “Just wanted to share, since I actually see such a difference in my facial lines & overall appearance.”

When Olga was 36 years old she had defined lines on her forehead
The 46-year-old now has no wrinkles because every night she uses face tape, an oil cleanser, and a gua sha

In the photos that Olga attaches to the video, you can see the clear difference in her follower’s forehead after continuously performing the three-step routine.

The first photo shows her follower’s forehead when she was 35 years old, and wrinkles are across it.

But in the second photo, her follower is 39, and her forehead is clear.

Olga continues to show her transformation.

At 34 years old, Olga had visible fine lines on her forehead, and now at 46 years old she has none.

“I can only imagine deep forehead lines I would’ve had now 12 years later if I hadn’t started natural methods like taping,” she admits.

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