Sat. Sep 24th, 2022
THIS flat in a trendy London suburb is on the market for just £850 a month – but there is a catch.

The studio flat in Notting Hill is quite reasonably priced but when you see the inside, you’ll soon change your mind.

SpareRoom/Triangle News

A studio flat in Notting Hill has been slammed online for how small it is[/caption]

SpareRoom/Triangle News

The oven is directly next to the shower[/caption]

It has been slammed online after house-hunters noticed the shower was directly next to the oven.

And with the bed plonked in the middle of the tiny space, the feng shui is completely off.

Most flats in the area start from around £1,000 a month after the iconic Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts movie was filmed there.

But potential renters said they couldn’t believe the listing was even real with some pointing out you could rent an entire house for that outside the capital city.

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You will have to sacrifice a proper bathroom space, kitchen, bedroom and lounge as pictures show everything around one foot away from everything.

The “compact studio” toilet does however have a separate door so is sectioned off from the kitchen.

As well as the £850 for rent, you’ll need to fork out £1,700 for a deposit, plus pay for council tax and internet on top – but bills are included.

One flat hunter – called Matt – said: “I wouldn’t live there if the landlord paid me £850 per month.”

Rita Simoes-Muir joked: “No but listen, being able to shower and watch your dinner while it’s cooking – that’s handy.”

Andre Smith said: “My two-bedroom house for £600 a month suddenly seems luxurious.”

Another person boasted: “That’s what I pay for my two bedroom, two bathroom townhouse!”

T simply asked: “Why do people want to live in London?”

Minimum space rules for renters

According to Centre for Cities: “The smallest properties which can be built are 37 square metres (sqm) for those one-bedroom dwellings with a single bed space, and 50 sqm for one-bedroom dwellings with a double bed space.”

Since October 2018, the government announced “any room used for sleeping by one person over 10 years old have had to be at least 6.51 square metres, and those slept in by two people over 10 years old will have had to at least 10.22 square metres”. 

SpareRoom/Triangle News

The bed is plonked in the middle of the room[/caption]

SpareRoom/Triangle News

The kitchen is around one step away from the bed[/caption]

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