Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
President Joe Biden claims that back when he was a strapping young lifeguard, he was threatened by a bad dude called “Corn Pop” who was wielding a razor blade. If the tale, or any part of it for that matter, is actually true, we can assure you that Corn Pop was not armed with one of Jeremy’s Razors because A) Jeremy wasn’t even born yet and B) Jeremy’s Razors are meant for keeping your mug smooth and for countering woke corporations — not for taking on lifeguards who ridicule swimmers and let kids rub their “hairy legs.”

We have no reason to doubt a more recent Biden revelation the president made at a Detroit auto show. Although it may be time to take away his keys, the president described himself as “a car guy.” He wound up praising a gas-powered vehicle and not an electric car, but still … 

We’re car guys, too. So much so that we’re pleased to announce that Jeremy’s Razors had decided to give away Jeremy’s McLaren 600LT Spider to one lucky winner, and as Biden might say, that’s no joke, folks

Whether you are or aren’t a subscriber to Jeremy’s Razors, here’s your opportunity to not only take a stand against phony social justice virtue signaling, but to enter for a chance to win a head-turning, road-burning, gas-guzzling set of wheels that’s as sharp as our blades. Enter here.

How does this all work? 

Once you sign up, you’ll be given a unique referral link. When you send that link to your friends, family, and any normal-thinking American, they can help you earn points by either subscribing to Jeremy’s Razors while receiving $12 off their shave kit, or they can join DailyWire+ and receive 35% off the cost of membership. In return, you’ll accumulate points to get you ever closer to that sweet set of wheels. The person who has the most points at the end of the contest gets Jeremy’s keys to the McLaren, or $250,000 cash. More information can be found here.

Of course, there is more in it for you than Jeremy’s McLaren. You’ll be ensuring that your money doesn’t go to people who hate you. 

Because when you give your dollars to woke razor companies, you’re funding a Leftist agenda that hates your values. 

But what does that mean exactly? And where does your money actually go?

Marketing, obviously.

In their quest to destroy masculinity, these companies hire expensive ad agencies, who in turn do things like hire expensive directors to make commercials about left-wing dads who chide their sons for being boys or help their daughters shave their beards. It’s not only weird, it’s un-American.

Then they ally with gender activists who spread the lie, to impressionable young men, that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. 

If it were all just words, it would be one thing.

But razor industry leaders are putting your money where their mouth is, by shoveling it into radical leftism aimed at children, and so-called racial justice.

Over the summer, Harry’s created a limited edition razor and gave all $130,000 they made from it to LGBTQ+ activist groups.

They also fund leftist organizations, like one that sponsored workshops on “racial microaggressions.”

Woke razor companies also seem all to happy to work with influencers like Jazz Jennings, who, at 5 years old, was one of the youngest publicly documented people to ever “transition.”

Follow your money into the next chapter of the Leftist playbook: Environmental, Social, and Governance. Here you’ll learn that Procter & Gamble, Gillette’s parent company, is partially owned by three of the wokest firms on the planet: Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street. 

Any surprise that Vanguard funds abortions and, apparently, hosted an all-ages drag show? Fun for the whole family.

And of course when it comes to political donations, we don’t have to tell you that the top political recipient of P&G’s money in 2020 was — far and away — Biden’s presidential campaign.

On every front, woke razor companies are using your money to slash at the very fabric of our society, across gender, race, business, and politics.

How do they sleep at night? Just fine. On the goose-down pillows you bought for them.

It’s time for a rude awakening.

Now you can take a stand, without giving up shaving altogether.

Jeremy’s Razors: A razor that helps you look your best, without enriching the Left. One that doesn’t hate your values or demand you believe lies.

If you aren’t subscribed, today is a great day to join because the contest is now on to win Jeremy’s McLaren.

All you have to do is refer Jeremy’s Razors, or DailyWire+, to your friends by using the unique link generated for you after you enter the competition. The winner will drive away in the god-king’s supercar.

Go to to jump into the competition.

Remember, he’s not just taking your money.

He’s taking theirs.

See Terms & Conditions for complete contest details.

The Program is open only to legal U.S. residents residing in the U.S./D.C. (excluding residents of CO, CT, MD, PR, & U.S. Territories & Possessions), 18+. This Program is governed exclusively by the laws of the United States. All points earned are subject to verification by Jeremy’s Razors whose decisions are final. Receipt of prize is subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with the Program Terms and Conditions. See complete Terms and Conditions for additional eligibility restrictions, prize description/restriction/ARV and complete details. Void in CO, CT, MD, PR, & U.S. Territories & Possessions and where prohibited.

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