Sun. Sep 25th, 2022
CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Kelly Neelan left Weatherfield alive after the horror shooting.

Actress Millie Gibson has quit the soap after four years with her exit playing out tonight.


Millie Gibson is bowing out of the cobbles in a dramatic showdown tonight[/caption]


She recently found out Gary Windass killed her father Rick[/caption]

She had hired a gangster called Kieron to kill Gary Windass for her – but she was betrayed and he planned to set her up for the murder. 

Kelly was taken to an old mill and forced to climb up onto the ledge.

Kieron tried to force her to jump under threat of being shot – but she refused.

Instead Gary jumped out and begged Kieron to kill him and let Kelly go – but he refused, instead deciding to shoot Kelly.

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But at the last moment Aadi appeared and hurled himself in front of the gun and got shot for his troubles.

Kieron tried to shoot Kelly but the gun jammed, leaving the police enough time to get to them as Kieron made his escape.

Kelly and Gary rushed to hospital with Aadi, who was fine, and Kelly made the decision to leave him behind in Weatherfield and start a new life alone.

But before Kelly left, Gary begged her for a chance to tell her what really happened.

“I owed him money,” he said.

“He started threatening Sarah and the kids. He told me he’d taken Sarah hostage and asked me to meet him in the woods, so I did.

“He came at me and we fought and I hit him – and he went down, that was it. I never meant to kill him, it’s just what happened.”

Gary added: “He was going to kill my family and the children. It was him or them.”

“I came to love you Kel,” he told her.

“You’re like the daughter I never head. I see so much of myself in your. It’s like we’re caught between being good and damaged. Deep down we’re not bad people.”

As Kelly furiously confronted him over her mum Laura taking the blame, Gary revealed he had nothing to do with it.

“The police aren’t coming,” Kelly revealed.

“I didn’t tell them about you. You were going to die for me on that roof. So I guess in some messed up way we’re even.

“I couldn’t kill you, but I can never forgive you. And I didn’t call off the hit for you. I did it for Liam and Jake because I couldn’t take away their dad like you did to me.”

She added: “I don’t want to be Kelly Neelan, I don’t want to be Kelly anyone. I just want to be Kelly.”

Gary tried again to make her stay and told her he loved her.

She replied: “I love you too, but it was all based on a lie in the end wasn’t it?”

With that Kelly walked out with just a holdall of her belongings before leaving Weatherfield on foot forever.

Fans are in shock at her exit.

One wrote: “I really liked Kelly – shame she’s going out of it. She’s a fantastic actress.”

A second said: “Nah, I’m sorry, but Kelly deserved a better exit than this? It was all a bit far fetched, wasn’t it?”

Another added: “I’m glad that Kelly didn’t die, sad to see her go though!”


She has tried to get revenge – only for her plan to backfire on her[/caption]

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