Sat. Sep 24th, 2022
Kansas City Chiefs fans are beginning to get annoyed by one former member of the 2019 Super Bowl roster — ex-NFL running back LeSean McCoy.

This offseason, the former All-Pro nicknamed “Shady” took a shot at Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy amid questions of whether or not he deserved a head coaching position. After Andy Reid spoke out and defended his OC, however, that controversy fizzled.

Now it appears McCoy is at it again and Chiefs Kingdom is letting him know exactly how they feel on social media.

LeSean McCoy Argues Josh Allen Better Than Patrick Mahomes

The backlash stemmed from a viral segment of the Fox Sports One show, “Speak,” where McCoy and fellow ex-NFL athlete Emmanuel Acho argued that Josh Allen was the best quarterback in the league right now.

“If you want to go back to that AFC championship game, who played better?” Asked Acho who passed the baton to McCoy.

“You gotta give Josh his credit,” the former Chiefs and Buffalo Bills running back voiced. “If Josh Allen played for the Chiefs with Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid, do you think they win a championship?”

Host Joy Taylor backed Patrick Mahomes II and the other side of the coin with a counter. She asked if the Chiefs QB would be “this good” with the Bill, to which McCoy and Acho replied “no.”

From there, the heated 2022 debate hit the internet like wildfire.

Chiefs Kingdom Blasts Shady McCoy

KC Sports Network led the charge, tweeting: “Most daytime talking-head sports arguments are dumb. This might be the dumbest.”

Others focused more on McCoy. One commented: “Shady still [salty] he was a healthy scratch in Super Bowl LIV.”

Another joked: “@CutonDime25 [McCoy] carrying that take like he carried the football. Another fumble.”

“You did nothing!!!!!!” One fan responded at McCoy. “You wouldn’t have a ring without them boys first off secondly your most exciting play was a pitch back from @tkelce you tricked us all lol how are you even on air [right now]?”

To be fair, McCoy has two Super Bowl rings, but he didn’t do much for Tampa Bay in 2020 either.

“This is bad,” another chimed in, and some fans just called McCoy a clown and a “troll.”

Of course, there were also a few calm even-keeled fans that explained why this Mahomes-Allen take is incorrect. One popular reaction read; “Fact: people always argue the Bills are AFC favorites because they have a better overall team than the chiefs. They have been saying the bills had the better overall team for a couple of years now. Also fact: Allen has done less with that same team. Allen is great. Mahomes is #1.”

Another stated some truth too, writing: “The Bills could have drafted Mahomes and they passed… the Bills haven’t been to a Super Bowl since then. If you switch QBs, Bills would have been to a Super Bowl by now, easily. Would the Chiefs have still been to one? You’d hope, but maybe not… Chiefs don’t come back from 24-0 against Houston without Mahomes. Chiefs don’t win that Super Bowl without Mahomes. Josh Allen just started getting good last year. #Facts.”

Even the AFC championship point was refuted. “I can’t believe Acho asked the question ‘who played better?’” A fan jabbed. “Acho, who had the most passing yards that game? Who had the most rushing yards that game? Who was facing the #1 defense that game? Who won that game?”

The best retort of all for McCoy and Acho’s lunacy may have been from Taylor during the original show clip, however.

“I hope for both y’all sake, Patrick Mahomes is not watching this right now,” Taylor concluded. On the contrary, Chiefs fans will be happy to share more bulletin board material for “PM15.”

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