Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
The Detroit Lions have a special player in Amon-Ra St. Brown who is as gritty as he is motivated, and with his team, the wideout seems to be a perfect fit.

Dan Campbell entered Detroit at the same time St. Brown did, and the pair has been a solid connection early on. Both are similarly motivated and tough, but Campbell hasn’t had a hard time reaching anyone on his team according to Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Speaking to SportsCenter on ESPN, St. Brown was asked about his head coach’s style, and as he said, he believes the fact that he always looks toward the best interest of the player is a big advantage for Campbell.

“I think coach Campbell, I think us as players, why we love him so much is he wants to win just as bad as us if not even more,” he said. “To have a coach that’s so passionate about football, so passionate about winning. One of the biggest things everyone sees, his media, his postgame interviews, all his interviews. He cares about us. That’s something as players that we love. He was a former player. He knows what it’s like after a game to be sore and whatnot or be injured, having to come back. His caring for his players is something that we as players I think really appreciate about him.”

Campbell has the respect and trust of the Detroit room, and that’s allowed him to have some success early on. Even in 2021, the players played hard for Campbell when the season was frustrating. That spoke to what they truly believe about their head coach.

That connection with the players is something that plays to a huge advantage for Campbell, and as St. Brown admits, allows them to connect with him on a seamless basis.

If the Lions do end up having success on the field, this could be the biggest reason why in the end.

Jeff Okudah Praised Campbell’s Energy

Not only does Campbell love on and respect the players, but he provides them some energy as well. Detroit cornerback Jeff Okudah talked about that this week, and admitted it gives the team an edge.

Okudah has had a solid start to the season himself, and a big reason why could be the edge that Dan Campbell is giving the team with his passion and energy, something that the defender sees.

Going on Good Morning Football, Okudah was asked about his head coach and his passion. As Okudah said, it’s something that is vital to the Lions, and they feed off it, wanting to embody their head coach on the field.

“Lions CB Jeff Okudah on Good Morning Football on HC Dan Campbell’s energy: “Man we know it’s genuine. We feed off that energy. We want to to embody everything he’s about,” Selva tweeted after listening to Okudah.

It’s not a surprise to hear that the Lions love Campbell’s energy and feed off it. The team needed a galvanizing figure at head coach, and in Campbell, they seem to have found it pretty easily.

Campbell’s magnetic personality could be as big a reason as any for the team’s success, something Okudah and also St. Brown understand.

St. Brown Dishes on Making History at Wide Receiver

Last week, St. Brown ended up making impressive history at the wide receiver position in the NFL.

With a reception in the fourth quarter against Washington, St. Brown made history as one of just three players ever in the league to catch eight passes in eight straight games. The players he joins? As AP’s Larry Lage tweeted, it’s a who’s who of wideouts lately.

In terms of the record, St. Brown confessed that he wasn’t too worried about it, but deferred credit to those in the building in terms of his staff and teammates.

“That’s not a record that I had in mind. Towards the end of last season, even starting the season (it) kind of just happened while playing ball and honestly it’s a credit to my coaches, my teammates, everyone in this building just for trusting me (and) believing in me. It’s a credit to the hard work that we put in before the season, training camp, OTA’s and it’s finally coming to light well.”

The fact that St. Brown has been able to excel so well in the first place could have a lot to do with Campbell and the environment that he has created for the team.

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