Charli D’Amelio Is a Y2K Dream in Bootcut Jeans and a Juicy Couture Hoodie


Jul 25, 2022

Hello, and welcome to our weekly Charli D’Amelio catch-up, where we discuss her latest Instagram dumps, TikTok dances, and blossoming relationship with Landon Barker. And this week, we can’t stop talking about her Y2K, Mean Girls-inspired look.
Our gal has been truly living her most fashionable life since she turned 18 and rocked that *amazing* b-day mini dress. Charli has elevated her laid-back, girl-next-door vibe that includes customized Converse, mom jeans, and baby tee’s by adding in menswear inspiration, and ofc, plenty of good noughties pieces we thought had been long forgotten.
Taking to IG on July 23 to post a couple of pics with friends and her Barker bae — as a social media sensation does, obvs — Charli gave us a reason to bring back terry cloth sweatshirts, platform heels, and the phrase “That’s so fetch!”
Sporting the perfect summer to fall transitional, back-to-school babe vibe, Charli worked with classic bootcut jeans (the Quinn Jeans from Brandy Melville, to be exact), adding in a playful “Ironically Hot” graphic tee from OGBFF. Up top, she wore in a ‘lil hoodie — and not just any hoodie. Charli went with a blinged-out, totally 2000s Juicy Couture Velour Zip-Up Jacket in Navy.
Accessories are the icing on this cake, with the rhinestone detailing in the jacket matching perfectly with the Staud Tommy Two-Tone Beaded Shoulder Bag she slung over her shoulder. For hair and makeup, the social media starlet keeps it frosty with baby blue eyeshadow, a nude-pink lip, and a half-updo pulled back in a claw clip.

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Since we’re finally at the age where you don’t have to beg your mom at the mall to buy you a Juicy Couture tracksuit, we’re all finally free to live out our Y2K dream girl fantasies —NSYNC and Backstreet Boys not included. Here’s where to buy the *exact* pieces Charli wore.

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  1. Im a complete juicy couture hoodie nut. I have followed every post from juicy coutures IG page, posts on twitter from other people, posts on youtube from people, poshmark, and just recently started tracking any juicy couture velour hoodies I see on TikTok using the search function. Charlis hoodie never had any rhinestone on it and was not terry material, it is velour material that shines its soft velour hood on Charlis back from the camera flash in her IG post.

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